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Insights about Florence

Visit the David: I’m personally a huge art and history fan so seeing the David was a must on my list. Even if you aren’t, you’ll want to add this to your list of things to do in Florence. The...

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Where to stay in Kyiv: most awesome districts

Where to stay in Kyiv: most awesome districts

So, you have read 10 reasons why you should never visit this city, but decided to protest against it and bought your tickets to Kyiv? Congratulations: n...

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Once Constantinople


The city where East meets West, it has been the buzzing metropolis where Europe and Asia come together. Due to its geographic location, Istanbul takes great pride as being one the world’s m...

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What About The Wall


If there’s one German cities everyone loves, it’s Berlin. It’s vibrant ambiance has attracted people from all over the world with its grit and glamour. The capital’s deep history has left a s...

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